August 3, 2011

Buffalo Wing Festival!

Date: August 8, Monday, 7:00pm

Venue: Wingman, 7274 Malugay St., The Collective, Makati City

Cuisine: American / New York

Price: PHP395

Number of Seats Available: 40

Reservation: Until August 6 only

Not too long ago, chicken wings were not served in restaurants because they are considered scrap and usually “end up in soup factories”. The more popular parts of chicken before 1964 were breast, thigh, and leg, so how did the famous finger-licking appetizer came about and who should we thank?

Unsurprisingly, two entities claims the credit, but the story of Teressa Bellissimo seems more convincing. The story begins when her son, Dominic, was in need of a midnight snack that he and his friends can enjoy. Stocks available that time at the Bellissimo fridge were chicken wings, blue cheese, and celery, so Teressa covered the wings with her own special sauce and serve “them with a side of blue cheese and celery” and ta-da! Buffalo wings were born!

I know what you’re thinking. Why is it called Buffalo wings? Well, the Bellissimo family decided to offer this newly discovered goodness in their family-owned restaurant, Anchor Bar, located in Buffalo, New York.

Now, an annual celebration called the National Buffalo Wing Festival are held at Buffalo, New York and are being enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of Americans. This is a must-try experience, and distance isn’t going to hold us back.

On August 8, Monday Supper Club will bring the Buffalo Wing Festival to Manila! Join us for a spicy Monday evening at Wingman and celebrate with tons and tons of Buffalo Wings! Get in the spirit of the celebration and take the buffalo wing eating challenge!

Wingman's Buffalo Wings served with ranch dip and carrot sticks

Seats are limited so reserve now! RSVP by July 2 (Saturday), thru +632.7509258,, or our RSVP page.

July 22, 2011

Spicy Monday Night at Chihuahua Mexican Grill

Another Monday had gone by, and another exciting Monday Supper Club event had happened. Last July 18 at Chihuahua Mexican Grill, another group of hungry social hearts gathered, learned, ate and had fun.

The theme for the night was Guelaguetza: Los Lunes Del Cerro — an annual festival in Oaxaca, Mexico. As soon as the place started to fill, huge Nacho Grandes were served per table. This was a bowl of huge crispy chips topped with a mix of various flavorful salsas. Every bite takes you on a different adventure as each nacho holds a series of interesting blend of flavors.

A bowl of Nacho Grande at Chihuahua Mexican Grill

Chips and Salsa












Chef Elian Habayeb, one of Chihuahua Mexican Grill’s owners, goes from table to table to chat and mingle with guests. He’s super friendly and easy to get along with and that just made the night even more amusing.

After a swift word from the organizer and the sponsor, Enjoy Philippines, then the mic was passed on to Chef Elian. He shared a couple of stories about their restaurant and then quickly moved on to the cooking demonstration.

Chef Elian Habayeb telling a story about burritos.

Chef Elian Habayeb putting steak fillings on the unwrapped burrito.












Chef Elian taught us how to make their famous burrito. Surprisingly, it was pretty easy. What he did was to spread one ingredient on top of another, placed strips of steak filling in the middle (lots of it), and then wrap it all up. Sound’s easy, but the secret here isn’t in the wrapping, but in making the ingredients. We learned that the chicken fillings were marinated for over 2 days, that the pork carnitas has a delicate cooking process, and that the mexican rice was actually paella without the seafood. Just imagine how much preparations need to be done just to get them.

Right after the demo, dinner was served, and we get to choose our main dish! The choices were 3 tacos, burrito, burrito bowl, and taco salad, and I got myself a burrito with steak fillings.

Chihuahua Mexican Grill's burrito with steak filling.

Salsa Library of Chihuahua Mexican Grill












What I like about the burrito was how the texture and taste of the ingredients perfectly blended with each other. Honestly, even without the filling I can eat the burrito and enjoy it. Having meat inside is a different story. The juicy steak complimented the flavor of the other ingredients. Not overpowering the rest,

Guests have the option to go to the salsa library for that extra spice. You’ll find there a collection of the world’s most extensive hot sauces. One that caught our eyes and tongues was Crazy Mother Pucker’s. It’s a little sour and intensely spicy, a perfect mix for the burritos!

Crazy Mother Pucker's Hot Sauce and Chips and Salsa.

For the drinks, the choices were a glass of margarita, michelada, draft beer, or soda, and I had a soda. The margarita, according to my friends, has a spicy and salty flavor at the edge and it mixes flawlessly with the cool icy taste of the drink.

Everybody went home a little drunk, full, and socially satisfied. It was definitely an evening to remember!

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